Proforce's Pokémon Palace

As you step through the Pikachu yellow portal, you're greeted by a dulcet voice singing a familiar tune. "Out here in the quiet of the night, 'neath the stars and moon...." Searching for the source of the voice, you realize it's coming from the lone chair in the room, a chair that happens to be facing away from you.

"Welcome," the owner of the voice says, stopping her singing. "You've come to the Pokémon section of Robert's home. Feel free to look around, or if you want, I can guide you."

The chair swings around, and you see a very attractive female, but you're not exactly sure what she is!

Noticing your surprise, she merely smiles. "I am Praichu, one of the Pokégods, much like Mew. Now, I don't exist outside of the universe Robert set up, so you won't find me on any game or any official publication. But then, that's what fanfiction's about, isn't it? Showing things how you'd want them to be?"

She stands and walks over to two sets of double doors set in the far wall. "I'll assume you're here for one of two reasons. Either you're here to read the fanfiction and see the fanart," she says, gesturing to the doors on your right, "or to find out about the Online Pokémon League," she finishes, gesturing to the doors on your left. "Just let me know where you'd like to go, and I'll take you there."

Praichu leans against the wall patiently, waiting for your decision. Will you take the LEFT or the RIGHT?

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