Miscellaneous works

As you step out through this rainbow portal, expecting perhaps a similarly adoned room, you are disappointed to see that the walls are a dull, slate grey. The bookshelves that line the walls are immense, but about 99% empty. A sign to your right catches your attention:

Welcome to the room that has no name.

This is the repository for all stories that do not have their own room.

Each story will be identified by name and author, with the author's name clickable for e-mails.

If one type of story becomes popular, it may get its own room.

Anymore by Robert Brown
A Biker Mice From Mars fanfic. The war with Limberger has ended, but a personal one may be brewing. Is it real, or affected by outside factors? Find out in this, the first songfic I've ever written.

The Secret of NIMH: Another Story by Nala5
If you've ever watched "The Secret of NIMH", then you've probably asked the same question I have: what if Jonathan wasn't dead? How would things have been different? I think you'll enjoy finding out in this story.

The Adventure of the Norwood Holoartist by Robert Brown
A Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century fanfic. A young woman pops up on Holmes' doorstep asking him to prove her innocent of the murder for which she is accused. With a fantastical story and all evidence pointing to her, can Holmes find anything to help her? Or has the great detective finally met his match?

The Vixen by Robert Brown
A Sly Cooper fanfic. This fic takes place after Sly 2 and disregards the events of Sly 3. Carmelita is forced to make a tough decision regarding Sly and his gang. Meanwhile, a new thief is showing up and seems to predict Sly's heists in advance, doing them first and flirting with Sly mercilessly as she leaves cryptic clues behind for him to solve. Can Sly put all the pieces to the puzzle together before it's too late?
Chapter 1: A Look in the Mirror
Chapter 2: The Vixen Appears
Chapter 3: What a Woman!
Chapter 4: Once is Coincidence, Twice is Design
Chapter 5: Changing the Rules to the Game
Chapter 6: Return to the Past
Chapter 7: A Dance of Death
Chapter 8: An Icy Confrontation
Chapter 9: Alone at Last
Chapter 10: Final Revelations

A GentleKat in Disguise by Robert Brown
A SWAT Kats fanfic. Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs has a problem: she needs a date for a ball being thrown by Mayor Manx. Since she can't exactly invite a SWAT Kat, she goes to her two favorite mechanics for help at keeping the night interesting. But with everything that happens, boredom is the least of her worries.

For Kit's Sake by Robert Brown
A TaleSpin fanfic. An incident at Kit's school sets in motion a chain of events that could tear the entire Higher for Hire family apart. Do Rebecca and Baloo have the strength to keep everything together?
Chapter 1: A Bad Break
Chapter 2: A Big Mistake?
Chapter 3: Ghosts of the Past

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